Crypto Trading

How to Trade Cryptocurrencies?

Trading cryptos and any other market is based on the same things as forex trading. The things learned from trading forex can therefore be used when trading the crypto market.


The forex market is closed on the weekends, but the crypto market is open non-stop, which gives you the opportunity to trade even on the weekends. For example, you can consider trading cryptos on weekends if you don’t have enough time to trade during the week.


If you trade in the short-term (scalping or day trading), probably the best option for you to analyze the market is pure technical analysis. On the other hand, if you do longer-term trades (swing trading), it is good to know the fundamental side of the instrument being traded and combine it with technical analysis to achieve the best results.

Where to Trade Crypto?

You also need a broker to trade cryptocurrencies. Many brokers offer the possibility to trade cryptos. Our recommended broker Vantage also offers excellent conditions for crypto trading.


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